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The Sites - The Sites of JKE Enterprises/US Business Systems are made up of several different types, styles and purposes. Below you will see sites that have different types such as master, main , niche or directory. Each of our ops is only allowed on one of our main sites. This is so you our users do not have to come across them on these sites more than once. A few of our "main" sites have their own Niche but are still considered among our "main" sites. Niche sites such as ezcoeds.com draw from all our sites to bring you just certain types of ops. Directory sites, are sites that are open to all phone sex sites Pending a few stipulations to maintain a certain level of quality control. These sites are a place for phonesex fans to search and find ops that are suited to their needs and desires. The last type of site we have is our master site (http://jke-phonesex.com) this site was created for clients that didn't like searching all our sites for one op they wanted one site to search for their one op so we gave it to them
Pleasures & Passions.com
The site that started it all. Pleasures & Passions.com is the most popular of all our sites. P&P is the home to most of our girls
Type: Main
Fantasies & Fetishes.com
We choose this domain the same way we choose the name for our first site Pleasures & Passions.com we choose 2 things that seemed ideal together and turned them into a name.
Type: Main
Call 4 A Good Time.com
It's back… Call 4 A Good Time was one of the original JKE Phone Sex sites. We felt the old site design needed so work so we closed it down while we worked on other things. Now it's back and it's better than ever.
Type: Main
Harder Deeper Faster Phone Sex.com
These girls take it like a real slut should! Harder Deeper Faster that's their mantra!
Type: Main
Intimate Phonesex.com
We designed this site with a professional yet intimate feeling. Most agree we were successful. We hope you enjoy.
Type: Main
Phone Sex City.com
When you're looking for the best things in life you've always gotta goto the city.
Type: Main
Phone Sex Playtime.com
If you've decided you want some fun this site has the babes for you. They like to play all the fun and crazy games, but don't be afraid to get nasty with these girls either, they may look sweet but they can be bad too.
Type: Main
Cuckolding Phone Sex Sluts.com
Our Official Cuckolding Slut Phone Sex site… Here's you'll be able to experience all aspects of cuckold.
Type: Niche - Cuckolding
MILFlicious Phonesex.com
Type: Niche - MILFs
Blondelicious Phonesex.com
Type: Niche - Blondes
Anal Phone Sex Angels.com
If you watch porno you'll see that no matter where you come from a real slut always takes a cock in the ass and a load in the face. For these girls it's more than just a passion it's a way of life.
Type: Niche - Anal Girls
Barely 18 Phonesex.com
Type: Niche - Barely Legal
EZ Coeds.com
If you like em young, firm and wild then you've gotta have a coed. These girls are 18 to 21and have vowed to stay single until they've fucked their way through college.
Type: Niche - Teens & Coeds
After Dark Phone Sex.com
These are the girls that like to stay up late. 2 AM need someone to call check out afterdarkphonesex for a sure thing.
Type: Niche - Late Night Girls
Phone Sex Underground.com
This darker variation of our Intimate site is home to our operators that bring out your darker side. Fetishes, domination, and all the taboos…
Type: Niche - Fetish
Phone Sex Seeker.com
Is our responce to Phone Sex Top Lists. Which are great except that Phone Sex Companies are always trying to boost their scores and reach the top even if they aren't really #1. On Phone Sex Seeker you'll find lots of sites, operators and phone sex services. With none of the hype.
Type: Directory
Phone Sex Isn't Cheating.com
Type: Main
Hot Talking Babes.com
Type: Main
Phone SexTreme.com
The is our NEW master website on this site all of our girls can be found. This site includes links for each girl to all the sites that she can currently be found on.
Type: Master
The is our master site on this site all of our girls can be found. This site includes links for each girl to all the sites that she can currently be found on.
Type: Master

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