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Email:   mylie@pleasuresandpassions.com
Age:   23

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Hi, I am a complete hedonist. My name is Mylie and I love it in my butt. Often, when I am home alone I find myself snaking my polished fingers into the sweet pucker of my tight, youthful asshole. I am as sweet as my asshole is delicious. Don't believe me? I will gladly show you how hot I really am when you call. I am 5'7", 130 lbs of Blonde Bombshell with 34 C tits to match. I bet you want to squeeze my firm breasts in your hands and tell me what a naughty girl I've been. I'm not as delicate as I look. I want you to break me. Bust a nut in my ass and tell me that you own me.
If you call me I will do everything I can to please you. Don't you want to hear my soft voice whispering in your ear? I love it when an older man takes control, but don't be afraid to reach out if you're younger. Age is just a number in my book.

One time, I was taking a math course. I was failing, on top of that I was caught sending a dirty photo to my step-dad. Lucky for me, my professor was looking to compromise. He bent me over the lecture podium, and buried his cock deep in my ass as I bucked my hips, soaking the wool fibers of his sweater vest with my hot juices. He pulled my hair,fucking me in the ass while he made me scream promises to put my phone away and study harder. His fingertips pressed into my flesh as he bucked his hard dick into my tight, young body. Ever since then I have been completely addicted to anal sex. I even like to keep a small, but powerful vibrator nestled inside my ass most days.

With my blonde hair and toned body I look like an innocent step-daughter (and trust me I am a daddy’s girl). The only thing tighter than my body is my wet, young pussy. I love touching myself, but I am ready for you to use me. I have a taste for family fun, if you know what I mean. I'm a great big sister. Not only am I the reigning champion of Parcheesi, but I’m great at Twister too.
I want to feel you. Don’t worry, your secrets are safe inside me. Pick up the phone. Let’s live out our darkest desires and greatest fantasies.
My Favorite Phone Fantasies: Anal, BDSM, Black Cock Slut, Daddy's Girl, Family Fun, Girl Next Door, School Girl, Step Daughter, Step Sister, Tease & Denial, and there's a few I can't mention here...
Turn Ons:   My turn on's are numerous since I'm still in the exploring stage. I love it when a man takes control of me, and fucks my ass into submission. I'm anal slut, and I'm not sorry. Maybe you should make me sorry, sir.
Turn Offs:   I don't understand what a turnoff is? Everything makes me horny ;p
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