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Email:   anniston@blondeliciousphonesex.com
Age:   24

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From Daddy's Spoiled Princess to a Hot and Horny Houswife! This Blonde Bombshell isn't desperate by any reach of the imagination! Hi Guys! I'm Anniston. Your Alluring, Always Ready to Please, Anniston!

I'm a total submissive for my little dicked husband, and all his friends. We have group orgies, where I do not have any limits, and will Always do as I'm ordered!

If not, I know, he will tie me up, spank me, and show his friends that he has total control over me! Public humiliation is one of his favorite ways to get off! I will get on my knees and take all the cum that I am given, and be begging for more!

Even though I'm naturally a sub my husband needs a little humiliation now and then! I've been getting off on being controlling! From Forced Femme to making you wear my panties--I am still learning though, it's so hard to break out of my subbie shell.

One thing is for sure, You will Always cum with Anniston! This spoiled Angel is wanting cock, any size, (I've even heard some guys like for me to make fun of them being so little!) white meat, black meat, any kind of cock!

I've been waiting for a master or mistress to put me in my place. Lately I've been so bad, leaving the bed un-made and not wearing any panties when I go out. I am in sore need of some discipline, and someone that will make my tight little ass sore too!

I want to feel your hands all over me, I want to feel your fingers penetrate my pussy and my ass! Fisting makes me super horny too!

Lately I've had the fantasy of being at the grocery store in my little black dress, no panties or bra. I want to feel like a bad girl all day, like I've got a secret no one knows but me! And then, in my fantasy, one of the workers takes me into the back room and fucks me from behind while pulling my hair. Thinking about it gets me so wet, I can barely stand! Just when I think this grocery man is finished, another one of his buddies comes in and forces me to give him head while the other one fucks me in the ass!

I love BDSM, don't you?
My Favorite Phone Fantasies: Anal, Babysitter, BDSM, Black Cock Slut, Bukkake, CBT, Cuckold, Family Fun, Foot Fetishes, Forced Feminization, Horny Housewife, Humiliation, Mommy Fantasies, Naughty Nurse, Sensual Domination, Slutty Teen, Tease & Denial, & More...
Turn Ons:   Hot and Naughty Men who know how to control this tight pussy! I love it when a man pulls me over his lap, spanks my ass, and shoves his cock down my throat! Need a submissive to control? Look no further, you found your Sweet Angel Anniston!
Turn Offs:   Men that do not know how to please a woman! Body odor!
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