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Email:   amber@analphonesexangels.com
Age:   30+
Friends:   Natalie  Kathleen  Lisa

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Hey guys! I'm Amber, I'm 38 and I'm Your Next Addiction! I am your hot ass cougar, your hot and horny cuckolding housewife who loves to play when her husbands away, and even while he watches! I love that he wants to get my pussy all steamin hot and wet for that big cock! I love to grab my vibrator and shove it in all my holes, Any of My Holes are Totally Wide Open! I love anal sex, and just down right dirty nasty sex of all kinds! I will try anything once! I'm a Hot and Horny Cougar, always on the prowl for a young hot piece of meat! I'm also one hot ass soccer mom! Don't you need Soccer Mom Amber to take care of you? I love to be that Aunt that you've been crushing on, sniffing her panties, hoping I will walk in and catch you with your hand down your pants, stroking your rock hard cock, as you sniff my panties, wanting a piece of action, knowing that I'm a slut, always cheating on my husbands, even bringing home guys and having sex with them in our bed. Not always just one at a time either. And for those of you that need Mommy Amber to take care of you---MMM, Mommy will defintely take care of any of your adult baby needs-just the way you need! Mommy Amber is very good at taking care of your cock, I love one, two, three cocks, or more~~I'm such a slut! I love to bring home a white guy and a black guy, with a big thick rod for me to slurp up all of his juices! They taste so good! I'm Amber ~~ Your Hot and Horny Housewife that you won't soon forget! I have a very sexy voice, and I play for real, with real life stories to swap with you!
My Favorite Phone Fantasies: Anal, BDSM, Black Cock Slut, Cream Pie, Cuckold, Foot Fetishes, Forced Feminization, Golden Showers, Humiliation, Mommy Fantasies, Sensual Domination, Step Sister, Submissive Slut, Teacher
Turn Ons:   Mommy fantasies, Cocks- Any Color, Any Size! Role playing; Anything from Vanilla to Extreme! Dominating you, giving you my strapon, or letting you dominate me!
Turn Offs:   Bad personal hygiene; know it all's; guys that don't like foreplay, and little teeny weeenie's--but I do know how to control them and put them in their place!
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